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Illuminations: Stories

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About the time characters were swimming through porn and discarded tissue like Scrooge McDuck in the money bin, I was thoroughly disgusted. AND AT THE LAST, JUST TO BE DONE WITH SILENCE - Four stars - The character voices in this one are both so strongly defined that even without a descriptive narrative to support the action, everything is clearly illuminated and easy to follow and sink into. But then I realized that the stories I was okay with were reprints, and the stories that I despised with all of my heart were the ones written for this collection.

Although many elements are exuberantly fictionalised – I doubt that any female executives at DC Comics were married to a painting of Augusto Pinochet – part of the story’s pleasure lies in Moore’s insider knowledge of the industry: there is a sense that there’s a kernel of sordid truth within each satirical fictionalisation, as though Moore is airing everyone’s dirty laundry for the world to see. Gaiman describes it as "a scabrous, monstrous, often hilarious unmasking and reinvention of the people who made the comics, and the lives destroyed by the four-color funnies. In the old black and white plate, the shadow on the left of the ghost’s face uncurled its legs to scuttle for the margin and the cluttered desk beyond. Its tale of the House Without Clocks, a fantastical brothel in a sorcerous city, would have been right at home in Telguuth, the decadent fantasy world Moore's old mucker Steve 'No Relation' Moore crafted in homage to Clark Ashton Smith.This led inexorably to the events at the Capitol, when Trump’s hardcore fans (“fanatics” in the truest sense) revolted against the inconvenient truth of Biden’s electoral victory in an effort to “expose troublesome fact as fiction, while establishing pulp picture-story narrative as universal fact”. I loved the ideas of what was happening in this story (different alien lifeforms and whatnot), but I’m not sure I loved it as a Moore story.

Anyway, I haven't enjoyed a collection of short stories this much in years, and Alan Moore proves himself every bit the genius he's been known to be for the past four decades. A few are stories I've loved for years (in one case, for decades), some were new to me, often managing to be both mind-expanding and cosmic while utterly rooted in our urban reality, written in language that coruscates, concatenates and glitters.

A lot of the supporting cast get swapped around, so it's Malcolm McDowell not Terence Stamp as not-Zod, Bogarde not Hackman as the Luthor analogue and so forth. Yes, anyone who read 1963, or the backmatter in the last LoEG, knows that Moore has a nicely savage line in Stan Lee pastiche, and the secret history of Hollywood in Cinema Purgatorio* showed that to some extent he can turn media muckraking into art – but that was one story in an anthology, not a whole damn novel. If the comics industry is “a metaphorical microcosm for the whole of society”, then comics fans and Maga reactionaries both similarly reveal “how blurred the line separating fact from fiction is for many people”. I have to look up some of the names dropped to get the proper historical context, but even without having that this was a great story to read and could easily fit in with one of the stories in Voice of the Fire, or it at least felt like a nice revisiting with the mood of that collection. Veniamo trasportati all’interno di una narrazione surreale, talvolta bizzarra e ipnotica, che alterna momenti cupi, momenti struggenti e momenti di umorismo.

All of this acted to destroy the connections between her ability to intake things and output others in response (her thoughts and actions do not matchup). Almost none of the stories interested me with the exceptions being The Improbably Complex High-Energy State which was a fun and silly romp, Location Location Location which was more or less an interesting idea and executed fairly well, and What We Can Know About Thunderman, which was a very tiresome deluge of Alan Moore's vitriol and like most of the book was tiresome.What We Can Know About Thunderman may be said to offer a similar deconstruction of the American comics industry itself. Segue-se Not Even Legend, uma críptica e bem humorada brincadeira com os amantes de lendas urbanas, teorias da conspiração e criaturas míticas. Location, Location, Location,” is a comedic story about the last lawyer left alive after the end of days from Revelation showing Jesus around a new house. So, for instance, his stand-in for Maxwell Gaines, founder of what would later become the notorious horror publisher EC (here SP), doesn't die in a boating accident; he's felled by a chunk of frozen piss. But, in imitation also of Nabokov, this one has footnote annotations explaining all the references Moore’s built in, everything the audience is, in a real poem, supposed to interpret for themselves.

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