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SELFCheck Pregnancy Blood Test

SELFCheck Pregnancy Blood Test

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As hCG levels rise rapidly in the early days of pregnancy, an hCG test can tell you if you're pregnant from about six to eight days after you’ve ovulated. Detailed specifications are available in the products’ IFUs (see the Resources section for more details). No matter what the reason, if you ever have any questions about your test results, the best thing to do is reach out to your healthcare provider.

Our test can pick up traces of hCG, allowing you to confirm pregnancy as early as possible, even before a missed period. We want you to be aware that no biomarker, even when checked by your hospital lab, is 100% perfect at diagnosing a specific medical condition. Once the placenta has formed and produces progesterone, hCG levels go down as it’s no longer needed 9, however they won’t fall below a level that would give a positive result on a pregnancy test. Most blood tests can detect slightly lower amounts of hCG, which means they can tell if you're pregnant a few days earlier. Rather than purchasing a self-test kit, you may wish to speak with your NHS GP first, who can arrange for tests if needed.You may also continue to test positive following the loss of a pregnancy, either through a miscarriage, abortion, or an ectopic pregnancy, which is a medical emergency caused when a fertilized egg implants somewhere other than the uterus—commonly in a fallopian tube. An evaporation line may appear if you wait too long to check your results — meaning your pee is dry. Many women may choose to take a home pregnancy test after a missed period to confirm whether or not they’re pregnant. Urine pregnancy test kits are usually able to detect hCG about 1 week after a missed period, but sensitive blood tests such as SELFCheck, can show if you are pregnant just a few days after conception. As most of these symptoms aren’t unique to pregnancy, a Pregnancy Blood Test can help you find out if they’re down to pregnancy or to rule this out as the cause.

It's recommended to wait a week (or at least a few days) after a missed period before taking a urine pregnancy test for optimal efficacy. The SELFCheck Pregnancy blood test has been independently assessed by scientists and doctors to prove that they provide reliable results, meet UK and EU regulations and designed to be easy to use. Because of this, you may get a positive result with the new SELFCheck pregnancy blood test before you would with a urine test. A blood test is also more sensitive than a urine test, so it can detect hCG at lower levels, giving you earlier confirmation of your pregnancy. If you take a urine test too close to the time you got pregnant, the test could say that you are not pregnant even when you really are.If your specific circumstances don't warrant a blood test, you should be able to rely on the results of your home pregnancy tests (HPT) instead.

Boasting a revolutionary all-in-one device, the NG PRECISION+ test also simplifies the testing process by integrating the steps into one single device. Blood tests can be more reliable than urine tests for showing that you are pregnant and, for this reason, are sometimes used in hospital labs to confirm a urine pregnancy test. You will need to arrange your own appointment and will be responsible for any additional fees incurred. If you are pregnant you will see a pink line, although this might be very faint if you test too early. Hold the capillary micropipette horizontally (do not press the bulb) and touch with the tip of the micropipette the blood sample.Have you had a positive result and would like to know if the pregnancy hormone is rising at an expected rate? You can find out more about pregnancy tests, how to use them, how to read them, and the types available on our page about Clearblue pregnancy tests. If the test is positive (no matter how faint the line, colour or sign is), you should see your GP (doctor) (or family planning clinic) to confirm the result with a blood test or another urine test. Although the exact testing method of different pregnancy tests can differ from one type to the other, they all look for HCG in your body.

HCG is a hormone secreted in pregnancy and detectable beginning a week to two weeks (or more) after conception, depending on the test. After adding the diluent solution to the blood sample, you must wait around ten minutes to see your result; one line usually indicates a negative result and two lines a positive.Interestingly, the urine pregnancy test was also negative in 5 of those 9 and not performed in the other 4. Your body makes this hormone when you're pregnant and a fertilized egg attaches to the wall of your uterus. Urine pregnancy test kits are usually able to detect hCG about 1 week after a missed period, but some sensitive blood tests can detect pregnancy before a missed period and when used correctly are around 97 to 99% accurate US National Library of Medicine . Blood test results are about 99 per cent accurate and can detect lower amounts of hCG than urine pregnancy tests. Some might be more sensitive than others and produce a positive result (detect HCG in your urine) sooner than others.

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