A Monk's Guide to Happiness: Meditation in the 21st century

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A Monk's Guide to Happiness: Meditation in the 21st century

A Monk's Guide to Happiness: Meditation in the 21st century

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For example, if you’re brushing your teeth, focus on the physical sensations of the task, like the taste of the toothpaste suds that fill your mouth and the sound of the brush scrubbing against your teeth.

I do think, however, that this book perfectly illustrates how we Westerners desperately need to change our ways. Here we can indeed accept the notion that Gelong Thubten has had experience, for he has been though at least one retreat, on an island in Scotland – which might be an independent new country in the upcoming years, member of the EU, but out of the UK – where they had their food brought by a person from the outside, they have been unaware that Barack Obama has become president and the world has been through a major, calamitous financial crisis – which blew our minds over here , unaware as we were of the teachings of the Monk that are easy to get now – and furthermore, they have taken a vow of silence for six months – or was it five – the only issue we may have is that we can sense a déjà vu. Meditation exercises can help us develop this skill, but to fully tap into its power, we need to integrate it into our everyday lives. He explains about how our lives are causing us to be more distracted maybe anxious, sad, threatened.Compelling to read, yet full of profound wisdom, this wonderful book rationally describes how our mind functions and how we can cultivate the habit of happiness. I did enjoy reading his story, but there was nothing revolutionary or original-repeat, repeat, repeat. I think this book is it - straight forward, clear and without too much "woo woo" that can put some people off. While happiness is characterized by a sense of fullness, presentness and freedom, unhappiness is marked by the opposite feelings. Taking away all the bell and whistles, breaking down the fundamental and important aspects of mediation and guiding me in steps about how to introduce such behaviour steadily into my daily routine.

Imagine my surprise and relief when this guy starts talking to me like we are just sitting on a park bench, having a conversation.

Thubten’s expertise lies in teaching meditation and he’s introduced mindfulness and calm into the lives of many. It comes highly recommended from me as a great opportunity to reduce stress, to find new ways to look at life and understand ourselves better. In his youth he tried to find it through living a wild and extreme lifestyle as an actor in New York.

Overall a great book for beginners although there's valuable information here and if you read the whole thing I would think almost anyone could benefit from the information. In this state of mindfulness, we’re neither pushing nor grabbing at anything in our field of awareness. In his warm and engaging debut book he explores the nature of happiness and explains how to bring meditation into our busy 21st-century lives with simple yet effective exercises. Read about how we’ll protect and use your data in our Privacy Notice. Not just in the morning, but throughout the day by introducing micro moments so we never drop the mindfulness ball, even when we’re busy.But as we evolve we give ourselves more opportunity and excuses to be distracted, anxious, threatened and angry with the various thoughts and actions that accompany such feelings. Mick Brown ― Journalist for The Daily Telegraph --This text refers to an alternate kindle_edition edition. Vzhľadom na žáner a zameranie, prirodzene, nemusí sadnúť každému, no odhliadnuc od meditačných cvičení obsahuje aj mnoho podnetných myšlienok o živote a tomu, do akej miery sami ovplyvňujeme jeho chod.

The question should have been, "how is your story different and what New information do you have to offer? Bringing together all of his knowledge and behaviour over the years as a monk, a speaker, a teacher and at the same time openly recognising his past choices and mistakes. Put into perspective, if we haven't gently trained our mind to be aware in the present moment, all these other things are more or less escapist in nature.

More recently, I have read some books from modern day Lamas and dived into the higher teachings of Dzog Chen. je však "iba" kniha a stále záleží len na nás, či využijeme dané riadky, alebo zas po čase skĺzneme k svojim zaužívaným zvykom. Within is a guide that is pragmatic and realistic in nature that offers beneficial and satisfying advice about both meditation and mindfulness (not the same thing) that can be brought into our lives in many different ways. After training his mind in intensive retreats he now helps many thousands of people worldwide, showing them how to find inner happiness and a greater sense of freedom. Compelling to read and full of profound wisdom, this book rationally describes how our mind functions and how we can cultivate the habit of happiness.

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